Freelance web designer kannur


Freelance web designer kannur

the best Freelance web designer kannur How We Work: After having a detailed discussion about your website requirements, I’ll have one of my associates email you a list of our website design samples you can choose from in about 1-3 hours. NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED! If you like one of them, we will customize it to your needs. We will charge you after we transfer the site to your domain and the whole project is completed.


1) Do you already have domain name registered (.com, .ca, etc)?

2) Do you already have a web hosting provider?

3) Do you plan to sell products on the website Shoppe (e-commerce)?

4) What services or products/online  do you provide?

5) Do you have any websites that is the closest to the design you’re looking for?

Freelance web designer kannur


Please see some of the websites we have worked on at rate of 5000/- &  15000/-

Dhara Water Purification

Green Tech Bio Mileager


Swayambhu Yoga Retreat

What is a WordPress website?

WordPress is the #1 software platform used by web developers to create a website. WordPress allows you to fully manage the contents of your website without requiring any technical skills.

How many e-mail accounts can I create under my domain name?

freelance web designer kannur

You’ll be able to create unlimited e-mail accounts with unlimited storage. We can assist you with this at no extra charge.

Is this a one-time fee?

Yes! You only pay one-time fee of $150-200 FLAT (as quoted) to use your web design FOREVER. In order to publish your website on the Internet, you’ll require a domain name and web hosting service. As a courtesy for using our services, we can provide FREE domain name registration (for first year – thereafter at $15/yr) and FREE Canadian SSL (secure/https) web hosting (for 6 months – thereafter at $60/yr).

Can I make changes to the website myself after it’s designed?

freelance web developer kannur

Yes! You’ll easily be able to make changes without any technical skills. We can also update the website for you at no extra charge. If any major changes are needed, we can do it at a rate of $15/hr.

Can you create and maintain social media pages?

wordpress developer kannur

Yes! We can also assist you with social media marketing.

Will my company/website be searchable on Google?

freelance wordpress web designer kannur

Yes! Your website will appear on first page of Google (as well as Yahoo and Bing) when someone searches your website address or company name. We can help you set up a Google My Business account at no extra charge.

Can you get my website on first page of Google when someone searches for my services?

freelance web designer chennai, Website Design & web design chennai

Yes! We can help you set up a Google Ads account, where you will be paying Google to place your website as an Ad when someone searches for a service within certain regions. We also offer monthly SEO packages to gradually rank your website on first page without Google Ads. The fees you pay for these services varies based on your keywords and the region you’re trying to target.

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